Company Foundation

Founding a company means choosing a legal form. However, not every legal form suits a company. In this section, we provide you as a prospective entrepreneur with all important information on the individual legal forms.

Sole Proprietorship

The owner-managed company (sole proprietorship) is ideal to start self-employment. While you are still employed, you can start preparations including acquisition of customers and ...

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Limited Liability Company

The GmbH (Limited Liability Company) is a frequently chosen legal form in Switzerland. The lower initial capital compared to the AG (Public Limited...

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Public Limited Company

The AG (Public Limited Company) offers a wide range of organizational opportunities, which makes it an interesting legal form not only for...

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General Partnership

In many respects the KlG (General Partnership) is similar to the individual company (sole proprietorship). It is also suitable for personal undertakings and has similarities in terms of liability and social...

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Limited Partnership

The limited partnership plays only a minor role in Switzerland. It is suitable for small businesses with a strong focus on individuals. It often arises when a general partnership wants to expand its financing...

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The purpose of an association must be idealistic. It may run a commercial business, but due to its ideological purpose, it is only partially suitable for a business operation. The entry in the Commercial Register....

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The foundation is a legal entity created by drawing up a foundation deed or a will. It means that an asset is "spun off" for a specific purpose. The Foundation is managed by the board of trustees...

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The Cooperative focuses mainly on promoting economic self-support, such as in housing or the purchase of houses or apartments. At least seven members are required for the establishment of a cooperative...

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Company foundation
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